Minutes With Me was in the news!  Check out the Story:



MinutesWithMe creator and president was on Studio 5 sharing some great activities to do with your children!  Click on picture to watch.

Powered by Moms Blog Review of Minutes with Me 

"There are so many ready-made ideas to assist you in getting the best results out of each Minutes With Me kit. I can see how easy it will be to fill an entire month with all of the suggested activities. I can’t wait to see what the March kit will contain! It has been a pleasure teaching my children with the simple concepts all while making fond memories for our future!"    Click the picture to read more.

Erica Ford on MommyKlatch Blog Reviews her experience with Minutes With Me

The concept of Minutes with Me is brilliant: teachers have lesson plans, “but where were the lesson plans for parents?”  Despite our best intentions, as parents it’s easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day logistics and duties.  Click on picture below to read more.